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Posted on 04-21-2016

I started studying Fascial Manipulation way back in April of 2011.  It started as a result of my web browsing for more information on muscle neurology because I had intended on starting a PhD project that would help me understand why muscle work was SO effective for treating the MOST common ailment in the human body; low back pain.  As I reread my physiology books and my neurology books I became more and more convinced that more needed to be done to understand this efficacy and, more importantly, bring it to the masses.  In time, however, I began to come across these amazing articles by an orthopedic surgeon named Carla Stecco MD, who was studying the same thing along with her brother, Antonio Stecco MD, and her father Luigi Stecco PT.  These articles were so amazing in their ability to answer, or at least give information for my own inquiries, that I decided to go study with these amazing physicians.   I was so blown away by the first class I took with Antonio (and Warren Hammer DC) that I knew I would be retaking these classes just to gain proficiency with the techniques they had compiled as well as gaining more understanding of the theory they were pulling together from their own scientific research combined with that of other scientists.  Now, 5 years later, I have taken their basic classes 6 times, assisted in teaching it 4 times, and I am now helping to promote and teach this work with Larry Steinbeck PT here in the United States.  This work is a challenge.  There is no denying that it takes real effort to understand the complexity of the theory and then it takes even more work to gain proficiency in how we go about selecting the line of force that will be worked in order to reduce the pathological state in the muscles.  Any manual medicine physician can take the easy road and just study a simple idea like ART or NMR, or Graston, buy, to really understand what we are doing, we doctors need to know the origin of pathology, how it progresses and creates compensations, and how our therapy works to eliminate it.  We have to develop and exercise our differential diagnosis skills and we have to continually evaluate our tool box for which tools are useless, which are rusty, and which are the most valuable.  I have thanked the Steccos multiple times for the work towards developing the science that validates my craft as a soft tissue therapist.  I hope that the future will see more manual medicine physicians taking on the challenge of studying Fascial Manipulation and employing it in practice so that we can raise the tide for all manual therapists. 

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