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Posted on 05-05-2016

I just read a small write up on MSN.com about a group of physicians who are starting to push for a single payer health care system in the United States.  They state, correctly, that it would eliminate insurance companies and increase taxes for everyone.  Personally I'd love to see insurance companies die off.  They have been increasingly difficult to deal with and it is clear that they want nothing more than to eliminate the pragmatic, wellness care provided by Chiropractors.   There can be no question that the minors of death want to eliminate a group that is trying to shake up the established highly profitable system that encourages illness and morbidity.  Despite repeated research studies that show Chiropractic as more cost effective in musculoskeletal cases and with better quality of life ratings for patients, the industry continues to ignore the suggestions and skills brought to the table by Chiropractors. 

But, beyond this, and with respect to the aforementioned article, I had to make a comment on MSN.  My comment was this,,,,, None Of This Matters.  

Why would I say this?  The answer is simple; there is NO WAY we are going to be able to pay for ANY health care system that ignores the rates of morbidity coming our way with the numbers of overweight and obese and aging citizens in our country.  The comorbidities that come along with these problems are numerous and UNAVOIDABLE.  This is a tsunami that cannot be stopped or redirected.  It is too late.  The only hope that any of us have is to exercise 5 days a week, keep our weight to a reasonable level, eat tons of green leafy vegetables, little sugar, and little red meat.  But, in my 15 years on the street as a firefighter, I've seen little evidence to encourage a hope that things might change on the larger scale. 

On the bright side, in our 20 years as a Chiropractors, we (Pam and I and our numerous Chiropractor friends) have seen much to encourage the belief that what we teach and practice in does, in deed, have huge, positive effects on the health and well being of the people smart enough to seek Chiropractic care.  It would behoove our government to stop being bullied by the AMA and Insurance lobbies and start listening to the research.  People who get Chiropractic care live longer and healthier lives.  Having said that, and even being the optimist that I am, we do not see things changing from a policy perspective.  What we do see, however, are things changing around us.  More people are calling in and coming in for maintenance treatments, more people are referring in friends and family, more people are coming in for Fascial Manipulation after deciding not to waste any more time with physical therapy.  Things are changing in our Microeconomic world and its gratifying to see.  People are seeking health.  People know that opioid pain killers are addictive and people know that diet and exercise are critical to a long healthy life and........the list goes on. 

Those of us who spend our own money on being well should not have to pay extra taxes for those who eat Cheetos all day and drink gallons of Coka Cola by the week and then suck down a pack of cigarettes.  No, my friends, that is unfair taxation and it does not represent your decision to be healthy. It's time for a revolution.  Time for you to write a lot of letters to your senators and congress persons.

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