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Posted on 06-28-2016

My colleagues and I in the Fascial Manipulation world have an interesting observation.  We are actively teaching this great body of science and technique to some of the professionals in the manual medicine world and we all agree than these students are outstanding practitioners.  When we teach FM to them we always come away having learned much from the students because they are always studying themselves. But, our observation is this, there are few who are willing to take on this study.  It doesn't matter if it is Physical Therapy or Chiropractic.  There is still a lower turnout than we would expect.  This is strange when one consideres the amount of money that practitioners pay for continuing education.  I see people pay 10 times as much for certain courses with almost NO solid scientific theory to back up their claims.

I know that it is a lot to take on.  There is a lot of new anatomical discovery to consider and there is even more contemplation that needs to be done with respect to the nervous system and its role in biomechanics.  Once upon a time, we thought that motor neurons caused muscles to contract and the reflexive nerves were there to respond to stretch and protect joints.  Now, however, we are seeing that the complexities of motor control are daunting.  Worse, misunderstanding this subject is causing much suffering in patients' lives and inefficiency in the physical medicine world.  Contemporary therapies are simply far too ineffective for the price we, as the premium payers, are paying.  Given this fact, it is a wonder that American practitioners are so slow to dive into this change for the better.

Well, wait, maybe I can explain this quite simply. 

There's big money in delaying a positive outcome.  I mean, the more I have a patient come back, the more income I generate.

I will be going to China this September to teach Fascial Manipulation to a large group of multiple disciplinary doctors.  It appears that China has seen the positive outcomes that are common with Fascial Manipulation and they want their therapists to take this on.  Like other countries that are working to reduce the costs of joint degeneration and ill health, China appears to be serious about pushing the most scientifically supported and clinically effective approaches to manual medicine.   FM is finding a lot of interest there and in many other countries around the world.  If the US wants to continue to stay in the rear then that is going to be unfortunate for the many patients who are suffering from tendonitis and arthritis that could otherwise be remedied quite readily. 

I'm sure I'll continue to think upon and write about this topic as it is dear to my heart.  I hate paying more for anything that can be fixed on the cheap.  Many, many muscle and joint complaints can be fixed with little more than a few treatments of Fascial Manipulation to specific points and a short prescription for simple exercises.  I'll take the savings and put it into my kids' college funds.  Or maybe I'll just take more vacations with Pam and the boys! 

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