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Posted on 11-08-2017

I just returned from another trip to China where I was teaching and lecturing at hospitals and sports training fascilities.  Typically the audience was over 100 doctors, therapists, and administrators who are very, very interested in fascial science and how we can direct therapies to take advantage of this new understanding of anatomy and physiology.  After 8 years of study under the aegis of Luigi Stecco PT, Carla Stecco, MD PhD, and Antonio Stecco MD PhD, I (and many of my FM collegues) have developed a certain expertise in the field.  One should note that my three chief mentors are all related.  This is the Stecco dynasty.  There are many very high level researchers in the United States, Asia, and Europe but the Stecco family is, in my opinion, the most effective group I've come across.  To be sure, other scientists produce some fantastic stuff, but it is the Stecco passion that has compiled thousands of research papers and tens of thousands of hours into a working biomechanical model that we therapists can employ every day in our practices.

In my teaching I find that the diversity of knowledge, passion, and capability is meaningful.  Basically, I find that Asian physical therapists are 10 times more interested in soft tissue work than North Americans in the same field.  I also find that athletic trainers are very motivated to learn how they can improve muscle performance for the benefit of their clients.  But, the most interesting thing is that Chinese medical doctors actually find this fascinating and intriguing.  I would never expect this in the United States.  In the years since my initiation into fascial research I have found about 3 medical doctors who see the light.  That is disappointing but it is also a huge opportunity!!

As we transition from a chiropractic clinic to an integrated medical practice here in Tempe, Arizona, We want to bring a nurse practitioner and physical therapist on board who can provide our patient base with quality work in the typical western medicine paradigm, while at the same time, maintaining the pragmatic and cost effective chiropractic wellness philosolhy.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be successful.  This is where medicine is going....whether doctors like it or not.  Well living is the ONLY path forward in this treacherous forest of American health care.  If doctors in Asia can recognize the value of proactive health care, then there surely must be some here as well.  This is already happening but at far too slow of a pace to save our health care system.  The only answer is pragmatic, cost effective, wellness management and Chiropractors have always been the leaders in this field.....well, at least those who can think beyond the subluxation complex.  This is where we are going and we know that will see you there soon, too!

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