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Posted on 01-17-2018

I am back in Hong Kong promoting fascial manipulation and 3D Integrated Medical.  Why promote 3D Integrated Medical in Hong Kong?  Because I need to promote holistic medicine's acceptance of and blending with standard, pharma/surgical medicine everywhere I go.  It is time for the dangers of western medicine to be attenuated by its integration into the larger body of holistic, safe and effective medicine.  To be sure, western medicine and big pharma have a place in LATE STAGE illness but, they have no place, nor do they want one, in preventative medicine that Chiropractic and Naturopathic medicine provide.   They do not understand it because it does not fall into the business model of modern, western medicine.  

It is far easier to stay well than to get well and, while modern surgical techniques and drug therapies are very high tech and cool, we all know that it is better to avoid illness.  In fact, ask anyone on the street and they will state the obvious; it sucks to get sick and it sucks to have pain.  We can avoid most of that by maintaining appropriate body weight, eating a moderate diet of fresh veggies, meats, and liquids, and regular, moderate exercise.  Everyone knows this.  It is no secret and it is easy.  It is our habits and addictions that prevent us from achieving the easy life.

3D Integrated Medical will bridge the gap.  Western pharma medicine when needed, and high quality Chiropractic and naturopathic medicine all the rest of the time.  Recognize that and live it.  Decide to fast today and tomorrow, eat nothing but salad.  See how it feels.  It's different and you will find that it feels like fresh air to your stressed body.

Go for a 30 minute Hike. Push yourself to sweat more.  Embrace 'the suck', as we would say in the fire service.  Do something a little uncomfortable and your body will respond by getting stronger. 

Start today and then start again tomorrow.  You want to live.  Remember, It Feels Good to Feel Good!!

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