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Posted on 05-06-2018

Medicine is a tough business.

Being healthy is easy.

What does this tell us?  Well, in my opinion, we should all look at the healthcare industry very skeptically these days.  We should be asking a few questions listed below:

  1. Why is our population getting sicker and sicker in spite of the United States medical 'system' being the most expensive on the planet?
  2. Why are the proven alternative therapies STILL held in contempt by the insurance industrial complex?
  3. Why are our politicians continuing to bow to the demands of the medical/insurance industrial complex that alternative medicine continue to be isolated and cut off from reimbursement?

These are just a few questions that I come up with but we could go on all day.  What is really important is that we recognize a couple things.  First, being well is merely a function of what we put into our bodies (like clean water and low carbohydrate/high veggie foods) and how we move our bodies (sitting kills....overworking degenerates). 

It is so important to remind ourselves everyday that we need to always resist the urge to eat breads, pastas, cakes, tortillas, sodas, chips, etc.  We are all mildly addicted to these ubiquitous substances and the best thing we can do is clear our cupboards of these items and remind ourselves every time we are presented with these tasty treats.....that they kill our bodies.  The other thing we need to constantly remind ourselves that we need light to moderate exercise EVERY day.  It has to be a priority such that we MAKE the time to go for a brisk walk, do 5 sets of 10 reps in Gym Ball squats, pushups, lunges, even pull-ups.  We must keep our muscles strong in order to maintain our mobility in our post 50 years. It is an absolute must.

If we can do these simple steps, we all will find that the labyrinth of our current medical business model will not be so tough....and we might even find that we don't even need to spend so many thousands of dollars on useless 'health insurance'.   What do you have to lose? Your already paying huge deductibles and copays.  Maybe it's time to question the system.

Somethin to think about.

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